Miyabi shoot film in Indonesia

The arrival of Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa "Miyabi" could finally open as well. Reportedly, Miyabi will come to Jakarta on October 14 to come and start shooting on October 15.

PR Maxima S Pictures Erlina confirmed the news about Miyabi coming to Jakarta, as confirmed Legal, Wednesday (16/9/2009).

Women are usually called Kumi explains, Miyabi will be in Jakarta approximately one week old. He will begin filming approximately October 15 and return to Japan on October 22.

"He plans no longer in Indonesia. Because he also has a fairly heavy activity, "he said.

Kidnapping Miyabi film tells the story of three college boys who are obsessed with Miyabi. At one point, the porn stars to come to Indonesia. The three were kidnapped Miyabi.


  1. are you serious? wth is that tittle?! lol~

  2. i'll ready to be the couple ha...ha....

  3. setan nih jepang ! sama kaya orang indonesia ! dasar gw mati2in nih wkwkwk ! soal'a gw gedeg bgt ama nih 2 negara sorry ! ^_^

  4. miyabi sok2an pake baju..biasanya kagak pake baju...