Mun'im Idris: Noordin Ordinary sodomized

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Jakarta - The team from the University of Indonesia (UI) found abnormalities in the body of the terrorist leader Noordin M Top. It is a form of pathology in the anus male cones that have a number of wives.

"There is a funnel-shaped at the anus. Ordinary sodomized, have often done that," said a forensic expert Mun'im RSCM Dr. Idris told AFP on Wednesday (30/9/2009).

According to Mun'im, funnel shape is Noordin signs often sodomized. "Yes, we check.'s A bit sensitive," said the man who always this hat.

However, whether these bodies are bodies Noordin? Until now, some doubt remains among the men who ran berewokan rigid in hospital Police were Noordin. According to those who are skeptical, body characteristics were not as attached to Noordin.

Meanwhile PR Wakadiv Sulistyo Police Headquarters Brig Isaac as Mun'im findings confirmed claims about not knowing the information. "I have not received that information. Let's wait," he said. (gus / iy)



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