Cheat Point Blank (PB) WhItE V.1.7 29 Oktober 2010

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Cheat Point Blank WhItE V.1.7 ™

  • Alt Tab
  • Wall Shoot
  • Bomberman
  • Buy MisionCard
  • Hack Title
  • Reset Misión
  • Hack Misión

Tutorial Cheat Point Blank:
- Alt Tab: F1 ON (Press until the sound of "ding" and directly to the desktop)
- F2 OFF (Press after returning to the PB until the sound of ding)
- WallShoot: F3 ON (Press until the sound of "ding" n immediately start room)
- F4 OFF (Press after 5 seconds of the start room)
- Bomberman: F5 ON (Click on the match) << liver could hat BT F6 OFF (Press after 3x throw bombs / do not be too long)
Nb: Press the hotkey multiple times and slowly until the sound can BT if the origin of origin in pressing << consider
- If ws can not try to use a distinguished White 1.5 ws Download here

- Insert: WAS > ON
(Press prior to the start room)
- Delete: WAS > OFF
(Press prior to shoot the wall)
- Buy MisionCard: F12
- Hack Title: F11
- Reset Misión: Numlock (.)
- Hack Misión: Numlock 1 up with 0

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