Eliminate Broken Links in Google

Eliminate Broken Links in Google

One way to remove broken links in blog posts is to remove the SERP is still indexed by google. Although we remove the dashboard of our blog accounts, usually still indexed on the search results (with certain keywords, especially on the title).

This condition is favorable to one side, namely the potential for traffic from search engines (although visits stray). On the other hand, this certainly is not good. Visitors do not find what they seek. In addition, the postings are finally identical with the broken links. To my knowledge, the existence of broken links on a blog would be difficult to increase pagerank blog. In addition to unfavorable also from the usability (usefulness website / blog).

Therefore, it would not hurt us to minimize the broken link by deleting the post-post (from possibility to be indexed by google or in case of error not found).
How do I know of any broken links on our blogs?

1. Login to your account via links google google webmaster tools, namely http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools

Once successfully logged in, you will go to the dashboard page like this. Incidentally, I have 2 pieces of my blog listed in google, namely kafe28.blogspot.com and kafegue.com (this blog).

For example, in this case I will try to remove the broken link posts from this blog. So I will click kafegue.com (see screenshot below).

2. The result, after the name of my blog click, then the next page will appear as follows. Then try to observe the far right, exactly on the sub menu Crawl errors. Just click the "Not found".

3. So if there is a page error / broken from your blog, will show details such as the following (example from my blog).

Well, from the list, you could be copying the links are broken posting it to the next step.

How to remove a broken SERP blog post or the error?

* Back in step 1 above (click the name of your blog in webmaster tools dashboard page). Then try to open / click menu "Site configuration".

* Will display a navigation menu like below. Just click "Crawler Access".

* Then try to click "Remove URLs" like these.

* After that, click "New removal request".

* In the box that appears, you try to fill in the URL of the post or category page URL to be removed its SERP (based on data on the initial steps I've described above).

In this case, for example, SERP I will delete my old post titled nyoba New Theme Again (which I already deleted manually from the WP dashboard.)

* Click "Continue". Done.

Then wait a few days. So these postings will disappear from google SERP. I have to prove themselves.

Good luck.

source: http://kafegue.com/cara-menghilangkan-broken-link-pada-blog/
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