Make Winamp Skin Using Skinnertoo SE 2.4

Make Winamp Skin With Skinnertoo SE 2.4

WinAmp is one of the most popular music player, maybe even in every computer (especially the Windows operating system) is this application, but sometimes there is a sense of boredom with the look of WinAmp is so-so only
By Application SkinnerToo SE you can change the display window with the image you want, eg your own photos.
Here is my attempt to share experiences on how to make WinAmp Skin Using SkinnerToo SE.

1. Open SkinnerToo SE
Click Options Target Skin to choose the type of skin you will make (the Modern or Classic)
In the "Tutorial", I discussed the making of the classic skin, actually making a difference generally classic and modern skins not much different.
I chose a classic because personally I prefer the classic Winamp (Winamp 2.74), why are modern if only to play the same music and do not alter the sound quality despite using Winamp Modern.

2. Click File -> Open Image, Select Image to be used as a skin fitting size to make this skin is (275 × 348 pixels).

3. Click the button "Make Skin!", Then choose the option skin template that you like. In order to change the color of the button select the template Flat, Malted, Round Corner, shaded Button, and Transparent. As for Full Templates Transparent, color of the button will adjust the basic color of your image.
To change the color of the button click the button color.

Select Playlist Font To alter the font, normal text is to change the color of the files in the playlist that are not played, the current text is to change the color of the files in the playlist is being played while the Selected backround is to change the color of the back files from a playlist that you submit. Or "Notice Arrow Above!"

4. If you feel satisfied with the view that you created click save it will go directly to the default skin folder of WinAmp is usually "C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins\" and her extention *.WSZ.
Hasilya as follows:

Using Templates Full Transparent

Using the Round Corner

5. If you change the storage folder you have to change the Skin directory WinAmp skin also, how:
- Right click on Main Window -> Skins -> Skin Browser (Alt + S)

- Click the button "Set skins directory" then select the folder where you save the skin that you created earlier.

6. Done,

Hopefully Helpful ...

Download SkinnerToo SE 2.4
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