Firefox Monztify, Firefox Browser Powerful Modifications

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31 August 2009, Monztermedia released its newest product, the Firefox Monztify. This browser is not different from normal Firefox, it's just done some customization to optimize browsing on the internet. Firefox is used is Firefox version 3.5.2 is the last stable version of the Firefox Monztify made. Monztify Firefox is focused on web developers and people who quite often access the Internet.

Advantages Monztify ons include:

1. Portable
To use Firefox Monztify no installation necessary, simply extract the files to the folder you want and stay running. Monztify Firefox also will not leave any traces on the computer, either in the form of registry keys or other file2, because the configuration is stored in Monztify Firefox folder where you extracted the application.

2. Secure
If you use Internet access at the cafe or other people's computers, not to worry when you forget to log out an account on the web, because the automatic shut Monztify Firefox history and cookies will be deleted. So use Firefox Monztify really will not leave any traces on the computer used for internet access.

3. Optimal View
Firefox display has been customized to Monztify space for wider web. Customization is done among other things eliminate Titlebar like Google Chrome, remove menubar and replace it with a menu button, and incorporating a bookmark-window toolbar with the control at the top.

4. Add-ons
Add-ons that included addon-addon is often used in browsing and web development, we have chosen addon-addon of the most important and can help improve the comfort and accessibility in the surf. You can add or subtract these add-ons. A complete description of the add-ons that are used in the documentation files.

5. Bookmark a fairly complete
We've included a bookmark that we had collected in recent years, in which there are various web-important web which we hope can be useful for users of Firefox Monztify. You can add and reduce it as they pleased.

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