Facebook Free Software Collection

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The following software is free facebook:
1. Facebook Chat 1.0
An application that allows you to stay logged into facebook chat on your desktop.
Size: 1:38 MB

2. Facebook Video 2.1.7
Facebook Download or convert videos, and embed videos outside of Facebook.
Size: 9 KB

3. Unblock Facebook Proxy 2.0
The unblock-facebook-proxy-application allows you to access facebook.
Size: 1.28 MB

4. Facebook Toolbar 1.3
Brothersoft wtih Integrate your Facebook life into your browser.
Size: 141 KB

5. Facebook Desktop 1.0b
It keep track of your Facebook events straight from your desktop.
Size: 464 KB

6. Facebook Gadget
Get Facebook notifications on your desktop.
Size: 56 KB

7. Facebook Notifier 1.0
Get facebook notifications on your Startpage or desktop, change status, etc..
Size: 10 KB

8. Boost for Facebook 9.0.18
Customize your Facebook experience with 300 + facebook skins.
Size: 66 KB

9. Facebook Exporter for iPhoto 1.0.5
Enables you to export photos directly to your Facebook account.
Size: 191 KB

10. Facebook Chat Notifications 1.3.1
A popup window will appear the bottom right of your screen.
Size: 2 KB

11. Facebook (er) 1.3
Access all your Facebook Information directly from your desktop.
Size: 250 KB

to download please search on google


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