Opening Super Hidden Files & Folder

I have a problem because I have flaskdisk exposed to the virus that cause! the after-the virus has been destroyed but the documents in flasdisk I suddenly disappear, but if the properties in the capacity flasdisknya still full. so why can? that the virus has menghidden-(super hidden) all the folders and files you have on flasdisk me. indeed all documen still can be seen with how klik Tools --> Folder Option... --> View. uncheck the Hidden Protected Operating System Files (recommended). But with things like this do not feel very comfortable for me because if you want to see the data in the computer the other settings should be back as the first. this is because I find triknya to restore the super-hidden folder. following way :
**Opening Super Hidden Folder**
1. go to run type cmd. ago command window will appear

2. in the command window type cd.. hit enter again and type cd.. enter.
3. documen location where the search is located, for example in the drive (D:), then type D: enter.
4. next open the folder that is exposed to super hidden. type attrib -s -h
(do not forget a space) press enter.

5. see the results.. folder in the original super hidden become normal again.

**Opening Super Hidden Files**
To open a file that is hidden in the super open the folder with the same super hidden ways as above. the difference is folder_name replaced by file_name.txt (do not forget the file extension).

Hopefully these tips helpful!

NB: I try this trick in WindowsXP (another untested)


  1. Gak mau bro dah ku coba,utk membuat folder jadi super hidden tu aq coba dari awal :
    ketik cd.. enter lalu cd.. enter, stelah itu E: enter (krn folder yg akan di hidden ada di E) setelah itu aq ketik attrib +s +h new_folder (enter). Tapi yg muncul malah file not found..Gmn tiu Bro???

  2. pake *.* aja kalo gak bisa