Adding Emotion in Shoutmix

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You want to add emotion in the message box / Shoutbox you? tips tricks this fact has been reviewed by the blog master. but to answer the questions from my friends Duid Online said

how to add emotions in shoutmix?

to add emotion in shoutmix you please follow the following steps:
1. Open
2. Login with user name and password you shoutmix
3. Once logged in and you click settings --> smile

ago showing a page again, there are visible smile of the standard default shoutmix.

you see on the "new", content with the URL smile
4. please select the emotion that will be included. please select kind of funny emotion here
5. After selecting click emotion save settings.
6. then open your blog and see the emotion is shown.sengihnampakgigi

NB: the shoutmix can only add 10 more Less emotion only, so choose the emotion that is often used.

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