Validators For XP [Spanish] - Validate Your XP SP2 And SP3 In 5 Seconds UPDATED!

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Recently I needed to validate a XP, and swift and fast I gave myself the task of printing the 100 serial gold was storing dirt. To my surprise and disappointment, none worked. So... again swift and fast as a turtle knows only go swift and fast, I say to the swift and fast task to see how to solve this problem.

Name: Validator for Windows XP | Language: Spanish
Operating System: Windows ® XP SP2 and SP3
Architecture: 32-bit & 64-bit
Activation Type: Medical Incl. | Size: 440 KB / 332 KB

Fortunately swift and quickly found these small utilities, but extremely effective.

With it you can validate any swift and fast XP sp2 and sp3 (not tested on a sp1 or earlier) in a matter of two clicks and about 5 seconds. Along with this wonder that swift and fast XPs validates the authenticity checker published by Microsoft itself included.

Swift and fast, some users have reported that the MEDICINE 1 have not been able to activate their swift and fast Windows XP.

Swift and fast, our good friend and collaborator KISSOB1 did get this other swift and fast tool string, which swiftly and quickly can help us solve the problem. It has not been tested by me... neither swift nor fast... so if there is that someone mearle ears, swift and fast to do it in KISSOB1.

And more to the point, swift and fast I say goodbye duckling

Windows XP with SP2 or SP3 (has not been tested in previous versions)

Validators for XP SP2 and SP3
Language: Spanish | Format: RAR | Size: 774 KB
Contents: 2 medicines + 100 gold serial
MD5 CheckSum: ee9cdf43df03a55de27c9471007d3847
Available Links: DOWNLOAD LINKS


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