How To Easily Get Hundreds of Backlinks. Edu Dofollow

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How To Easily Get Hundreds of Backlinks DoFollow EDU

This secret method I love Moodle method name, but it's not a secret anymore.
EDU backlinks who does not want? I share tips and trick how to get backlinks from *. edu domain.

Okay, lagkah first thing you should do is look for the string Moodle at Using also can :)

1. Go to,
Enter or copy the following string into the search field

2. Choose one of the links that appear on the search list (suggested starting from page 2 of search results).

3. After opening one of the links, it will display a picture like this:

4. Create a new account click on 'Create New Account'
This indeed must register, so use a valid email kakrena there will be verification.

5. If you've verified, click on your username, click edit profile, add the anchor text in the Description field, or if no input or just the URL dikolom Interest can also be in the URL field in the Show Advanced. One site a backlink!

6. Do not forget to ping, let me quickly indexed


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