Finding Niche Keywords Within 1 Minute

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This time I want to share kyword how to find a niche in a very short time, even only takes 1 minute! go directly towards the steps.

There is a site that can help us find a niche, how it works is quite simple.

1. Please go

2. Now you just enter the keyword criteria you are looking for.

contents of the column on the website. examples like the image above (can be changed as desired)

3. check the part "and has Some web2.0 in the top 10 (EzineArticles, AssociatedContent, etc.)" if you want on the first page of search results select one of the web 2.0. EzineArticles example, Hubpages, etc.

4. click the button marked gimme a keyword!

5. Appears a keyword that is "Harry Winston engagement rings" with the value of $ 2.17, 1000 search, 97 900 search results.

6. Please cross check through and google keyword tool to make sure it does have a search keyword and value as mentioned site.

7. Repeat the above steps until you really find niche keywords that you like.


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