Get IP (internet protocol) through Yahoo messenger

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Internet Protocol or IP is an address used by a person to connect to the internet. An Internet Protocol address also mean the identity of the person in the World Wide Web. Internet Protocol also has the information of location where the person is stays and connects to internet. If the person who connects to internet doesn’t use proxy, we can track the location of her or his country by knowing his IP (Internet Protocol Address). Internet Protocol Address sometime can also track the city where the person location is.

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Because this article is discussing about find or get IP from yahoo messenger, I want to share my knowledge about getting or finding person location by using yahoo messenger. Sometime when we are chatting with a friend via Private Message or Instant Message (PM or IM), we curious where the place of our friend is. If you using official yahoo messenger it is an easiest way to find your friend Internet Protocol address. Please read my tutorial below carefully and I guarantee you will be able to track and find the Internet Protocol Address of your friend.

First step we must to do is get a PM or IM with your friend user name or id. Then try to send a file (picture, mp3, etc), then wait until your friend accepted your file and your file begin transferred to him. If your and your friend connection has a huge bandwidth, I suggest you, to send a bigger byte of file. You also don’t have to do this step if you have their web cam yahoo messenger. After you done this thing, do the next step below (you can do this step before send a file).

Go to the command prompt application. If you don’t understand just follow this step (windows XP):

Start >> Run >> cmd >> Enter


Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> Command Prompt

You will see a windows command prompt appear. Then write a command “netstat –n” or netstat –a” and press enter. Please note that the symbol “ not included when you type that command. You will see information under Active Connections list of Proto, Local Address, Foreign Address and State.

Active Connections indicate the connections being connected to your computer. Proto show the protocol you use to. Local Address refers to Internet Protocol in you LAN connection. Foreign Address indicates the Internet Protocol connection that connect to you and the port they used.

Now you just to seek a remote port that used by foreign address. Usually remote port 80 or 81 is used to transfer a file. Remote Port 5050 used for private message. And 5100 used for web cam. And Remote Port 5000 or 5001 used for voice chat.
The IP address of PM not the real IP of your friend. It belongs to yahoo server IP. But if you send a file or receive a web cam you will be get a real IP of your friend address because yahoo use Peer to Peer connection to service this utility.

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If you want a better way to get Internet Protocol of your friend, there are many software that designed and developed to get IP address. One of this software I ever tested and worked is Sharp IP Getter. We do not need to send a file or get a web cam to know the Internet Protocol of your friend. We only need have Private Message.

Sharp IP Getter developed by a team of Sharp Team. You can also download this free software via this website Www.Sharp-Soft.Net or wWw.Sharp-Zone.Com .

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