How to Delete Friendster Account

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May be many reasons why you want to delete your friendster account. for those who intend it to delete your friendster account, please follow these steps:

1. log in with the ID and password to use a friendster that will be deleted.
2. click settings/ settings then a new page will appear.
3. see the bottom click Cancel Account

4. fill in the form at the bottom of the email address and password you FS, do not forget to check on the Yes, I want to cancel my Friendster account. and click proceed.

automatically delete the myspace account will be your friends.

* You must be absolutely sure you will delete your friendster account, as there is no word "undo". so if you delete the account frienster you will not be back again (fs account you have lost).
* Create your hoby play ya, it's good time that you have used well to find a cyber world, this knowledge.
* Thanks for everything ..

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