How to Submit a Blog Search Engine

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Before I sleep i want to make an article for you all. This time I will know how to blog so that you listed on search engines like google, yahoo, msn, etc..
actually there are many tips that can be used so that you can blog listed in search engines, one of them is a way like this.

Sign in to Google
To sign up to google, please visit your, the steps that must be do fill in the form in which provided:

URL -> URL with the contents of your blog
Comments -> Fill in the keyword or keywords related to your blog
Fill in the blank with the verification letter is available
Click the Add button URL


not happy first, because your blog does not directly listed in search engines, but it will take 3 to 4 sunday or if you are lucky to be only 1 to 2 sunday comrade new blog can be indexed. then to try to please you type your blog address in the google search engine, if it is indexed you live just smile. hehe .. if not, try waiting a few weeks to try again,
and if it was still not as well, you try again daftarin your blog to google, such as the steps above. important that you must be patient ..

To List on Yahoo!
To sign up to yahoo! buddy please visit
If you sign up for yahoo, you must have a yahoo account first. For those who do not have yahoo account (yahoo email), please make first, If you already have to live only with the user login name and password. after login, you will be ordered to fill in form fields, please fill in the fields with your URL, then click the Add button URL.
You can also enter the feed address. I only add atom.xml on the back of your blog's URL

To Register in MSN
For the list to Msn, you visit the please verify the content of the letter and your URL in the box provided and click the Submit URL

not only that if you are too lazy to do-how caea above, you can do so easily with the widget fills the address below with your url and your email address.

using the widget above will be more practical because you only fill one-time email and url address will be registered more than 20 search engines in few days. is not practical?

I have used .. i have sex .. ngantuk
try it..


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