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Free Download SQLyog Ultimate Version Full | 14.51 MB

SQLyog is a software that can be used as a gui database manager for MySQL database. Ease in making the database available here. This software is very small. With this software you can create new databases, updating tables, deleting tables, adding a new entry, and much more. Because of SQLyog MySQL GUI is the most powerful MySQL managers and admintool, combining the features of MySQL Query Browser, Administrator, phpMyAdmin and various MySQL MySQL Front End and GUI tools in a single intuitive interface.

Popular tools include:

- Shortcuts to Quickly generate SQL statements and paste object names
- Learn MySQL by looking at the SQL generated by SQLyog
- Multi-tab query editor and result-set editor
- Multiple Query Execution
- Multi-threaded query execution with option to stop long running queries
- SQL templates
- Excel-style grid interface to view / update resultsets
- Multi-format blob editor
- View data in grid / text mode
- Support for all MySQL table handlers
- Bug fixes

Free Download Download SQLyog Version Full


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