Download EMISSARY Keylogger FUD

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EMISSARY Keylogger FUD This is the best keylogger in my opinion. We will teach how to use this keylogger until you get results. Prove yourself prowess now!

Download here: DOWNLOAD
RAR password: kaskusccpb
-Gmail accounts.

How to Use Keylogger:
1. Fill in your Gmail account & password
2. Server Name, decide what you want to make keyloggernya name. For example: Software.exe
3. Interval, the result logs that will be sent to your email. every 15 minutes / can also be configured to be every 5 / 10 minutes.
4. Column Options: check all. so that is not detected by the Task Manager & Regedit.

5. Click build. completed.

Its features:
- Takes Screenshots of the victim's computer and sends it to the gmail
along with the logs. (Screen shoot the victim's computer also may)
- Logs all low-level key hooks.

* Caps On: A, B, C, D. ..
* Caps Off: a, b, c, d. ..
* Special Symbols and keys: *, ,(,},[, f1, f2, f3, etc ...

- Logs all accessed windows.
- Blocks VirusScanning Websites on victim's computer:
[*] [*] [*] [*]
- Strong Encryption Used to protect your gmail user and pass to Prevent reverse engineering.
- Custom Log Interval. You can choose the time interval.
- Adds to startup via Registry.
- Disable Task Manager on victim's PCs.
- Disable's Regedit on victim's PCs.
- Test Email.
- Fake Error Message.
- Trojan Downloader. Downloades and Executes a trojan on victim's PCs.
- Hides like a ninja. Process description is "utorrent" so do not Fools
Recognize it.


- Anubis
- BitDefender
- Kaspersky
- KeyScrambler
- Malwarebytes
- NOD32
- Norman
- Ollydbg
- Outpost
- Wireshark


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