Auto Translate in Google Chrome

For more you will save time in posting this time I share tips in google chrome auto translate so you do not need to do it manually. This will ensure you and save your browsing time.
Things you need to do is you by installing one of the add on google auto translate to google browser chrome. To do this, I give step following step :

1. Open this link with your browser chrome google
2. Click Install
3. Once installed, the notification will appear that the auto-translate has been installed, but no auto translate button on the toolbar.
Appears Notifications
4. To make the settings, click customize -> extension
Open settings
5. Click on the option
6. make the settings according to the existing menu, "from" is the language of the home site, you can specify the contents or you select auto-detect, "first" is the language of goals you wish to translate, "second" is the destination language if you want to translate the language of origin site "from" the same as your language setting in the "first".
7. Fill additional configuration as needed
Make arrangements
8. Click Save
9. You can also create their own profile with the button configuration hot keys you can set yourself to click menu "new" in the settings tab
You also can create new settings

after installed, then you can try these new features. Please open one site with a specific language, then press the hotkeys along with doing the blocking of text you wish to translate. And translate the results will appear immediately without having to copy and paste it in your google translate.