banwith stealing tips using mozilla firefox

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while the connection is slow because too many users who use your network, this might be the right solution you can do to connect faster by optimizing and taking more banwith using mozilla firefox browser in the following ways:

  1. Open mozilla firefox browser, if you do not have download here:
  2. Type about:config in addres bar
  3. Search string and change the following directions
    Network HTTP.Pipelining (true)
    Network.HTTP.Pipelining.MaxRequests (64)
    Network.HTTP.Proxy.Pipelining (true)
    Network.Proxy.SHARE_PROXY_SETTINGS FALSE (false)
  4. create a new key: Right-click New>> Integer
    Type: nglayout.initialpaint.delay and 0 Rate
  5. install add-ons
  6.  Restart firefox and enjoy

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