Software that is used to tap phone and sms

This time I will tell software that is used to tap phone and sms. And you can download it in the list below:
  1. Mobile Secuware
    • Neo-Control: allow users to control the phone with NeoCall software
    • Neo-Setup: configure the target phone using a practical menu tool
    • Neo-Suite 2k8: this is a program set for Symbian 9 phones and merges the main applications in a single software.
    • Neo-Phone: listen-in on all surrounding sounds and conversations - Nokia 6600, 6670, 7610
    • Neo-Phone2: listen-in on all surrounding sounds and conversations - phone cells Symbian 7/8 and 9
    • Neo-Interceptor: listen to both incoming and outgoing calls
    • Neo-Sms: sms forwarding
    • Neo-Log & Email: record info in the phone memory and sends them by Bluetooth or Email
    • Neo-List: list of the phone calls
    • Neo-Trax: localization by BTS cells
    • Neo-GPS: localization by GPS coordinates
    • Neo-Brand: installation personalized
    • Neo-Contact: contact management
    • Neo-Virtual SMS: SMS forwarding with personalized sender
    • Neo-Sim: sim data
    • Neo-Record: conversation audio recording
    • Neo-SMSInstall: installation by SMS
    download here :
  2. Xelnex Lite
    Xelnex Lite can be used to record conversations without prior ditelephone sound 'beep'. so much of his waking confidentiality
    download trial here :
  3. Mobile-Spy
    Symbian S60 phone users can use the service hp dr peeper content remotely. With this service they can see traffic information and telephone sms, reply can be accessed from the computer or another telephone provided by the server reply.
    other than Symbian, Windows-based phone Smartphone yangg jg can make this application
    download Trial here:
  4. BT Info
    BT info using Bluetooth phone as a network .. so we are tapping only limited coverage of the Bluetooth mobile phone (+ / -10 meters). Target our actions were restricted to the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth berkonesksi also like the W880, K750, W810, K800, K610, K700, K550i, K508, and so on. However, BT Info application could be placed in all java technologies including mobile phones Sony Ericsson.
    Besides being used to probe sms, BT Info application can also control all phone functions. Starting from accessing the keypad, phonebook, profiles, alarm, volume, camera, phone (dialing), the master reset to turn off the phone.
    download here:
  5. Call Rrecorder dan AGLAYA Call Magic
    serves to record the conversation when talking on the phone
    download Call recorder:
    download Aglaya call Magic:
  6. TimedSpy
    for those who have a Symbian S60 v.2 phones can be used directly without using additional tools. With its function to stalking people.
    Application can perform continuous shooting
    download here:
  7. Magic Blue Hack
    Applications are made by Pavel and Humayan Kabir Ahmed Avishek this, compatible to mobile phones berBluetooth Java MIDP 2.0, Symbian S60, and PDA.
    Features Make the Call, Send SMS, Phonebook, Write Ph. Book, Answer Call, and Hang Call.
    download here:
  8. Mobiscope beta
    Video from webcams on mobile - for home surveillance or just for fun! No need to purchase any expensive equipment. All you need is a webcam or network camera to record everything that goes on when you are away.
    • Watch real time webcam video stream on your mobile
    • Get motion detection alerts over email
    • Almost any web / network camera support
    • New! Hear sound from the cameras connected to Mobiscope Desktop
    download here:
  9. SMS Anywhere
    SMS Anywhere nge functions to forward all sms sent and received reply target phone to phone us.
    download here:


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  2. I'm very happy that I found this site! Your lists of spy software's are great. I will definitely download all of this.