Antivirus for linux free download


free antivirus for linux
  • Avast! For Linux 
  • AVG Free for Linux 
  • BitDefender Free For Linux 
  • Avira AntiVir Personal - FREE Antivirus for linux

  1. Avast! For Linux
    Link Download
    And for registration please see here (FREE)

  2. AVG Free for Linux
    Link Download
    Linux version of AVG Free is a bit unique because it is run manually from the command Angry or via the terminal. Ability equal to the AVG Free in general. Good enough to handle the virus currently available, let alone also free.

    Once installed, will consist of 5 files are:
    # avg
    avgcfgctl avgctl avgdump avgscan avgupdate

    For the first time to use it must be run daemon manually:
    # avgctl –start
    AVG command line controller
    Copyright © 2009 AVG Technologies CZ
    Starting avgd

    To see the status of AVG if it was running or not:
    # avgctl –stat-all
    AVG command line controller
    Copyright © 2009 AVG Technologies CZ

    Requesting statistics from WD.
    Component State Restarts UpTime
    Avid On 0 0 minute(s)
    Tcpd On 0 0 minute(s)
    Update Off 0 -
    Requesting statistics from Tcpd.
    Failed to get statistics from Tcpd. Connection is off-line.
    Requesting statistics from Avid.
    Virus database reloads : 0
    Virus database version : 270.12.3/2076
    Virus database release date : Thu, 23 Apr 2009 13:30:00 +07:00

    To perform virus scanning is used avgscan:
    # avgscan /home/dony/temp
    AVG command line Anti-Virus scanner
    Copyright © 2009 AVG Technologies CZ

    As for updates avgupdate used are:
    # avgupdate
    AVG command line update
    Copyright © 2009 AVG Technologies CZ

    Running update.
    Downloading file: avginfoavi.ctf
    Downloading file: avginfolx.ctf
    Downloading file: u7avi1714u1323z1.bin 1 / 2 505.62 K
    Downloading file: u7iavi2427iz.bin 2 / 2 40.88 M
    Preparing installation…
    100% [====================================>]
    Update was successfully completed.

  3. BitDefender Free For Linux.
    Link Download

    Once installed just downloaded live from the command via terminal:
    $ sudo ./

  4. Avira AntiVir Personal - FREE Antivirus for linux
    Link Download

    After the download, then install:
    $ tar -xvzf antivir_workstation-pers.tar.gz
    $ cd antivir-workstation-pers-3.0.5-11/
    $ sudo ./install

    For updates please follow the following ways:
    $ sudo /usr/lib/AntiVir/avupdate –product=Guard
    Updating, please wait…
    Updated files:
    antivir1.vdf ->
    antivir2.vdf ->
    antivir3.vdf ->
    aeset.dat ->
    Update finished successfully

    For virus scanning, do as follows:
    $ avscan –temp=/home/dony/temp


  1. berarti udah byk virus yg bisa mangkal di linux yaa... gaswaat.. :D

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    buktinya di linux aja nyampe ada antivirusnya :D :D

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  4. Hi
    Nice post on Avast and AVG antiviruses a complete Internet security software used to protect the system from different malwares and trojans.