Make Google Site For hosting files

Before Google pages or Google page creator officially closed by google and replaced with a new service called the Google site.
Dreadful news from the Google site instead of google pages is that we can not make or hotlink script source files such as javascript, css or images for use on blogs or our website.
However, if you wish to make Google Site for hosting your files, there are many tricks to make it happen.

The following way:

  1. Please login to with your gmail account (your email address in gmail and password).
  2. If you have never created a Google site before, please click the Create Site.

  3. Please fill out a form to your liking. When finished end with click the "Create Site".

  4. Once your web page form, click the "Create Page" that you are on the right side of the monitor.

  5. Fill out the options given with the following options:
    • Select a Template Use → Select File Cabinet
    • Name → content with desire, for example Javascript
    • Select the radio button to Put page at the top level
    • End by click the "Create Page"

  6. Click the Add File

  7. Please you choose, to upload files from your computer or from a file that has been uploaded to another server. To upload from your computer, please click the Browse button, and select the file you want to upload, say I'll upload a javascript file. continue to click the "Upload".

  8. Uploaded files have been


  1. artiiin dunk KK..kan ga bisa bahasa buleeee ^_^

  2. huhu.. aku juga nggak bisa bahasa inggris T_T ..
    kunjungan balik ia..

  3. hihihihihihihi...
    sama qjuga g bisa..
    walaaaaaaaaaaaa... =))

  4. google ada layanan hosting gratis ya ???

    atoo gmna??? coz ane cuman dikit2 ngarti bahasa kompeni :)

  5. udah ada translatenya tuh.. hihihihihihi...