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For friends who do often have to edit the HTML of course know the tricks in the editing so much easier and faster done. many of the bloggers that beginners often difficult to edit html, thus an easy way to edit your blog's HTML:

after entry Layout -> Edit HTML certainly confused if you want to find the code that is difficult found. iya kan?
please you press "ctrl + f".

1. for those who use mozilla firefox: it will automatically appear as the image is located on the bottom side.

I just type or copy the HTML code you will find. example
"<p><data:post.body/></p>" it will automatically text you find on the web page will be on the block with the color. if there is a possibility there are many words as you please click next down to the search word or previous to reverse.


2. for the use Opera: will appear like this picture

use the same as mozilla firefox.
and if you frequently experience errors when you save a template or an error occurs, how to prevent this is to understand the error that occurred. if too many errors that the HTML code as you edit it to reset or return as a way to press the button Clean Edit.


Hopefully Helping You ...

NB: all the browser will usually appear when pressing the "ctrl + f", it also works the same.


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